About us

Steve's Pet Shop is a fun family owned full line pet store with new and exciting things arriving every week! We cater to the Oakhurst, Coarsegold, YLP, Ahwahnee, North Fork, Mariposa, Bootjack, Yosemite, and Bass Lake areas. 

We offer a wide range of premium pet foods, pet supplies, wild bird seed, and chicken feeds. But the most fun is our selection of small animals, reptiles, birds, and our large selection of Freshwater Fish.

In 2010, we opened as a small fish

store with just a few tanks. Just three short years later with the help of our amazing community, we grew into a full line pet store and continue to grow and expand to this day. We moved in October 2016 to a wonderful new LARGER building at 49333 Rd. 426. I imagine this will be our permanent place as it's amazing and gives us a lot of room to grow while keeping our prices LOW!

We now have an adjacent full line feed store "STEVE'S CORNER FEED" with all the hay and livestock feed and supplies that you may need! Located in the same building as the pet shop. We're officially your ONE STOP SHOP for all things pet and livestock!